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PNG Europe Business Council
Creating new opportunities

The PNG Europe Business Council Inc. has been a conceptional idea promoted by the European Union.

PNG Europe Business Council Inc will strenghten econmic, financial, cultural ties and create many more opportunities providing both the private and government sector with new ideas.

The Council has been established on may 24, 2019. Council members comprises of members of business, various organisations and government representative.

Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, just north of Australia, and many outlying islands. The Indonesian province of West Papua (Irian Jaya) is to the west. To the north and east are the islands of Manus, New Britain, New Ireland, and Bougainville, all part of Papua New Guinea. About one-tenth larger than California, its mountainous interior has only recently been explored. Two major rivers, the Sepik and the Fly, are navigable for shallow-draft vessels.

With a vibrant and colourful Papua New Guinea culture, more than 600 islands and 800 indigenous languages, PNG is made up of 4 regions with 20 provinces.

Useful links:

  • - Link to the EC Export Help Desk: a gateway of information on how to access the EU market: click here
  • - Link to the EU Market Access Database, which could be useful for businesses exporting from the EU to   PNG or other markets: click here
  • - Link to the EU- PNG FTA , the so called Interim Economic Partnership Agreement: click here
  • - Link to the EU Delegation to PNG website: click here

Please find below a piece of information on the publication of a recent call for Expressions of Interest 'Business Cooperation Centres' in third countries for the Enterprise Europe Network (2015/2020).

This call addresses leading business and innovation support providers in third countries other than those participating in the Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME). The objective is to establish 'Business Cooperation Centres' for the Enterprise Europe Network in international markets in order to form a unique international network of excellence. It should be noted that there are no EU funds available under this call. Business and innovation support providers in third countries are therefore invited to apply on the basis of mutual interest.

All information on the call, including the terms of reference as well as the model cooperation agreement to be signed with EASME are available on this webpage!

Mining & Exploration
The last frontier of exploration

Papua New Guinea is one of the last frontiers of energy exploration as much of it is still more or less pristine forest

Trade & Industry
Great opportunities await you

The economy generally can be separated into subsistence and market sectors, although the distinction is blurred.

Health & Education
There is much to be done

Health and Education in Papua New Guinea needs to address challenges and create new opportunities.